A Declaration on Circle’s Separation

A Declaration from Circle Regarding Justin Sun

Circle, a prominent financial technology company, has recently made an announcement through an open letter published on its official blog. The letter discloses that Circle has not been offering its services to Justin Sun since February.

Parting Ways

In the open letter, Circle states unequivocally that it has disengaged from facilitating any services for Justin Sun, a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of TRON Foundation. The termination of their business relationship occurred in February and has since remained inactive. Circle has refrained from providing any further assistance or support to Sun.

An Important Decision

The decision to sever ties with Justin Sun was made considering various factors. Although the exact reasons were not explicitly mentioned in the open letter, Circle took this step after careful consideration and deliberation. This move indicates a significant shift in Circle’s business priorities and decisions.

The Implications

The disassociation of Circle with Sun might have consequences for both parties involved. While it is unclear how this separation will impact Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation, Circle appears confident in its choice and determined to chart a new course for its future ventures.

A Change in Strategy

Circle, known for its involvement in digital currency markets and blockchain technologies, may be evaluating its strategic approach by distancing itself from previous associations. The company’s decision to publicly announce its separation from Justin Sun sends a clear message about its priorities and indicates a potential redirection of its business strategy.

Circle’s Commitment

The open letter issued by Circle also reaffirms its dedication to its mission of creating an open and accessible financial system. The company emphasizes its continued focus on enhancing innovation and expanding its suite of offerings while adhering to compliance and regulatory requirements.

The Future of Circle

As Circle moves forward, it aims to explore new opportunities in the evolving financial landscape. With this separation from Justin Sun, the company is prepared to navigate uncharted territories and carve a path aligned with its long-term goals.


Circle’s decision to discontinue its services for Justin Sun marks a significant turn of events in the industry. This announcement symbolizes a shift in Circle’s strategy and offers a glimpse into its future intentions. As the financial technology company ventures into unexplored possibilities, it remains committed to its core values and steadfast in pursuing its mission.


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