Amina: A New Era in Banking

Amina: Seba’s New Identity Symbolizing the Merge of Banking

Seba, a prominent player in the banking industry, has recently unveiled its new name – Amina. Derived from the term “transamination,” which refers to the transfer of compounds from one entity to another, the new moniker symbolizes the integration of different types of banking.

The Transformation of Seba to Amina

With an aim to bring together various elements of the banking sector, Seba has undergone a significant transformation and emerged as Amina. The rebranding signifies the company’s commitment to unified banking services and diversification in the financial landscape.

Amina represents a strategic move for Seba, highlighting its determination to facilitate the convergence of traditional banking systems with emerging technologies. The new identity positions Amina as a key player in bridging the gap between conventional finance and innovative solutions.

The Meaning behind Amina

The choice of the name Amina holds profound significance. The term “transamination” embodies the essence of Amina’s mission — the transference and amalgamation of different banking components. As Amina, the company aims to combine the strengths of both traditional banking and digital advancements to cater to a wider audience.

Amina represents the future of banking, embracing and adapting to the changing needs of customers. By leveraging technology and innovation, Amina aims to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and transparency in financial services while maintaining the trust and reliability associated with conventional banking.

A New Era for Banking

The rebranding of Seba to Amina marks the beginning of a new era in banking. The company envisions a future where traditional banks collaborate with emerging fintech firms, blockchain technology, and other disruptive innovations to deliver improved services to customers.

As Amina, the company is positioned to act as a catalyst for change in the banking industry. By fostering collaboration and integration, Amina aims to unlock new possibilities, drive financial inclusion, and shape the future of banking in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Amina, formerly known as Seba, ushers in a new chapter in the banking sector. With its commitment to integrate various banking elements and embrace technological advancements, Amina aspires to redefine the future of finance. Through this rebranding, the company reinforces its vision of blending traditional banking with innovative solutions, driving progress, and meeting the evolving needs of customers.


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