Best cloud storage for music

Music has always been an important aspect of our lives and has grown in importance as mankind has progressed. You may recall that it wasn’t always so simple to save music records, cassettes, and CDs and that things became a little easier when computers and digital formats were available.

Music was made available to the general public and was saved on computers, cellphones, and various memory devices.

However, this became insufficient, and the universal cloud was established to store all of our data, including music. This is an incredible chance to have thousands of songs in one location and accessible at all times.

What Is Cloud Storage for Music?

Cloud storage is a fantastic idea for securely storing all of your music on virtual memory. Instead of utilizing your gadgets, computer, or phone’s memory, you may upload your favorite songs to the cloud.

The cloud is made up of supercomputers and servers from all around the world. This guarantees that each user has a location to save their data, as well as that a backup is always made so that your files are not lost or destroyed.

Some several alternatives and companies provide cloud storage with servers located all over the world. This makes it extremely simple to save all of your music in one place while still having it available on all of your devices.

How do I play music stored in the cloud?

While keeping music in a secure location is wonderful, most users want to listen to songs online on-demand and would like to know how that works on the cloud.

The answer is not that straightforward, because it is dependent on the storage platform you have chosen. Some companies will provide an integrated player that will allow you to listen to tunes stored on any device.

Others, on the other hand, do not have this choice yet may be compatible with the specific music player. At the end of the day, it is up to you to choose the ideal one for your requirements.

Why should you use cloud storage services?

At some point, having all of your favorite tunes in one location became more than a luxury. With so many incredible musicians and our all-too-busy lives on the go, the demand for streaming services and personal playlists arose.

Prior to the cloud, you would have to utilize your phone’s limited capacity and manually update and sync your playlist on your computer. Once cloud storage became accessible, there was no need to do this, and the storage on devices could be freed up for other purposes.

Let’s see why you should have your music stored on a cloud:

Always available

One of the finest aspects of music storage is that it is constantly available to you. Your playlist is available regardless of the device you are presently using, whether it be your mobile app, tablet, or laptop.

This means you can listen to your music pretty much wherever and whenever you want. This is particularly useful at the gym, transport, or even at home.

There is no need to perform all of the synchronizations manually because the applications will do it for you.

Often free storage

Although the majority of high-quality cloud storage options are paid for, many businesses will provide free storage, and you can always try it out before deciding on the best payment plan for your needs.

Average users may be able to get by with the free storage provided and never upgrade. However, it’s good to know that you have options if you want to store large files and entire music libraries.


You’ll be astonished once you get used to the concept of your music being stored on a virtual memory rather than a physical disk. Furthermore, your music and favorite songs are protected in the cloud.

You can’t lose them or damage the device where you keep them. Most clouds do several backups to ensure the safety of your data.

The music files are generally encrypted, which means that only you and those you authorize will have access to them.

Saves storage on the device

Nothing is more frustrating than having to give up on certain songs and remove them in order to have more space. This is what a smartphone’s limited capacity and any type of external memory will lead to.

Cloud music storage, on the other hand, offers far greater space and is only limited by the companies offerings and your willingness to pay the price.

Furthermore, as you will see later, some of the most prominent companies function entirely on virtual memory, taking up no storage space on your devices. This is especially useful for those with large playlists and musicians searching for a place to keep their music.

Easy to share

If you’re willing to share, your music collection may become someone else’s in a matter of minutes.

This is why cloud storage is so useful for expanding your interests. The sharing options are limitless and quick, giving it a wonderful chance to share and add music files online to the same playlist with your friends and family.

How to choose the best cloud storage for music files?

Now that we’ve learned about cloud storage and all of its great capabilities, some are superior to others. So, in order to have the greatest experience possible, here are a few features to look for in cloud storage.


The capacity of the storage you use is generally the most significant factor to consider, especially if you have a large music collection.

Some businesses may provide free limited cloud storage space, which is a fantastic opportunity to test it out and see if it is the appropriate one for you. Some individuals may find that the free storage is sufficient, while others may require more.

Larger capacity generally comes at a higher cost, so consider how much storage you truly require.


The cost of cloud storage is frequently what determines whether or not you will use it. However, keep in mind that the best price-to-quality-of-service ratios should be chosen.

The greatest solutions are not necessarily the most costly but bear in mind that the cheapest option on the market may not be the best choice.

Mobile friendly

As we shall see later, some platforms include a player while others do not. Be cautious while deciding on the ideal one for you, especially if you enjoy listening to music on your phone.

Some platforms are simply better suited to specific devices, so keep reading to learn more.


A reputable storage provider will ensure the protection of your data and provide extra backups on numerous servers across the world. This is why we said you couldn’t lose or damage your favorite songs since they’re maintained in secure areas and have a backup.

The best cloud storage for music

Choosing the best option typically entails a lot of testing and reading, especially if you have a lot of music files and enjoy having them with you at all times.

This is why you can rely on us, as we have created a list of the finest online music storage, complete with all of the facts, drawbacks, and benefits.


pCloud is by far one of the most popular file storage services for all types of data, including music. It has over 8 million users, which is not unexpected given its low cost and dependability.

Some incredible features set them apart from the competitors, such as an integrated music player that lets users listen to music straight from the cloud. It’s simple to use and share, and even the free edition has more than enough storage capacity.

When you signup, you get 10GB of storage for free, and by performing certain activities, such as verification, you may obtain an extra 10GB. This is more than sufficient for the typical user.

Furthermore, this fantastic cloud storage service includes a rewind option that lets users retrieve deleted data for up to 30 days in the past.

  • Premium 500 GB – yearly subscription for $47.88
  • Premium 500 GB – monthly subscription for $4.99
  • Premium Plus 2 TB – yearly subscription for $95.88
  • Premium Plus 2 TB – monthly subscription for $9.99
  • Great storage
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • File encryption is not free
  • No phone support


MEGA is a popular alternative for those that want a large amount of storage as well as additional security measures. This storage is by far the most generous in terms of free space when you join up.

They are known to provide new customers 20GB or even more on occasion, which is more than enough. The paid versions are very reasonably priced, given that they are among the safest alternatives on the market.

They utilize zero-knowledge encryption, which allows you to exchange files with other users while restricting any data exploration using key encryption.

  • Mega Lite account.- 200 GB of storage for $4.99 per month;
  • Mega Pro I account.- 500 GB of storage for $9.99 per month;
  • Mega Pro II account.- 2 TB of storage for $19.99 per month.
  • Mega Pro III account.- 4 TB of storage for $29.99 per month.
  • A lot of free storage
  • Amazing safety features
  • Easy uploading
  • A bit slow
  • Basic audio player

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most well-known brand on the list, and the storage isn’t terrible either. Aside from the substantial 15GB of free storage as a first-time user, all premium versions provide a 30-day free trial.

Google Drive is incredibly linked to other Google services and offers fantastic apps that you can integrate, download, and use to listen to music.

They are not particularly popular for those who are concerned about their privacy, as they have always been, but they offer excellent customer service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finally, if you have a big amount of data, documents, or music that you need to keep secure, Google Drive is for you.

  • 100GB – $1.99 per month or $19.99 a year
  • 200GB – $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year
  • 2TB – $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually
  • 10TB – $49.99 per month
  • 30TB – $149.99 a month
  • Plenty of free storage
  • Great customer support
  • Compatible apps
  • Less privacy than other options
  • No client-side encryption


Because it includes zero-knowledge encryption and 256-bit AES encryption in conjunction with 2048-bit RSA encryption, Sync is regarded to be one of the safest solutions on our list.

All of this combines to make Sync one of the top options for music fans all around the world.

And, while 5GB of free storage may not seem like much, premium storage is quite inexpensive when compared to the competition. Because you can safeguard your data in a variety of ways, Sync is also ideal for sharing with family and friends.

The main drawback is that there is no music player, however, this is easily remedied and forgiven because the platform is fantastic, contemporary, and simple to use.

  • Solo Basic 2TB – $8 per month
  • Solo Professional 6TB – $20 per month
  • Great prices
  • Amazing security features
  • Easy sharing
  • Modern and user-friendly platform
  • No audio playback
  • Slow with upload

Apple Music

Apple Music is the most well-known platform and cloud storage service on our list. It’s not just popular among Apple device owners; Android devices may also benefit from this online music storage.

The price, like most items from this company, is slightly more than the other options on the list, and there is no permanent free version.

However, the capabilities provided are excellent; you can get lots of storage and simple syncing with iCloud to store everything in one place. When you have an internet connection, music libraries are available on all devices, but you can also listen to music offline as long as the songs are downloaded to that device.

  • $9.99/month or $99/year for individuals
  • $14.99/month for families (up to 6 users)
  • $4.99/month for college students
  • Included with Apple One bundles from $14.95
  • You can access millions of songs on iTunes
  • Offline and online listening
  • Has a free trial
  • Price tag
  • No permanent free version


IDrive backup and storage cloud service entered our list of top storage because it is simple to use, has up to 5GB free cloud storage, and is somewhat safe.

When signing up for a new account, you have two alternatives, and we recommend that you select the one with the private encryption key. This way, you have complete control over your account and its data.

Furthermore, this platform allows online backup, so you can search for and even retrieve files up to 30 days earlier. This is fantastic for music fans as well as music producers, who can simply keep their own music on the mobile app on the PC.

  • Personal plans 2TB or 5TB for $69.50 or $99.50 per year
  • Business plans 250GB to 12.5TB of data for $99.50 per year to $2,999.50 per year.
  • Seamless synchronization
  • Fast upload
  • You can search and restore data
  • Opened files are not backed-up
  • Pricy options for sensitive files


Icedrive may not be the most well-known brand in the industry, and they lack some of the features included on the list, but they are dependable, safe, and simple to use.

There is a free account and 5GB storage option for all users, however, bear in mind that free users do not have zero-knowledge encryption, but premium versions for this music cloud are quite inexpensive.

Icedrive is incredibly simple to use, and you may listen to music without downloading anything. This, together with virtual memory, should free up a lot of space on your devices.

With all of the capabilities stated, don’t forget that this program also contains a trash bin where all the files that you have deleted are saved permanently and may be retrieved as needed.

  • Lite 150GB – $1.67 /month or $19.99 paid yearly
  • Pro 1TB – $4.17 /month or $49.99 paid yearly
  • Pro+ 5TB – $15.00 /month or $179.99 paid yearly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Allows crypto payments
  • Poor customer support


Although most individuals would not contemplate uploading music files on Dropbox, this is an incorrect assumption. Dropbox is not only wonderful storage for music and other things, but it also has a music player.

The platform is recognized for being clean, with a user-friendly web interface that is simple to use. But the costs and safety are cause for concern.

Although there are some incredible features, speed, and storage access, they are all reserved for paying customers, and the only thing you can receive for free is the 2GB storage.

This is not nearly enough in comparison to the other more generous contenders on our list. However, Dropbox may be the simplest to use and share with your friends, so it’s worth looking into.

  • Plus 2TB – $9.99 / month
  • Professional 3TB -$16.58 / month
  • Professional + eSign 3TB – $24.99 / month
  • Standard 5TB – $12.50 / user / month
  • Easy to use and share
  • Fast with upload files
  • Has many features
  • Not cost-efficient online storage
  • Not the safest option without encrypted files


Koofr is the best free cloud storage provider for storing music and sharing choices, outperforming the competition in those areas. Some aspects, such as the UI and client-side encryption, might benefit from some improvement.

However, there are some fantastic features and reasonable prices, as well as an integrated music player that you can use while looking at anything else on your phone.

The platform is Dropbox and Google Drive compatible, which may be quite useful to some users.

Even though the free plan only provides 2GB of storage space, the rates for additional storage are rather affordable.

If all of the above qualities aren’t enough to persuade you, there’s one more. This platform provides a seven-day period during which you can recover lost data and save your music. While we agree that other companies have even longer time frames for this activity, any solution for recovering lost data is more than welcome.

  • $0.50 per month for 10 GB of storage;
  • $10 per month for 1 TB of storage
  • Amazing file sharing options
  • Compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Has a player
  • Stores deleted files shortly
  • No client-side encryption

YouTube Music

Without YouTube Music, no list would be complete. This is a free cloud storage alternative supplied by Google, and while it is free, as is YouTube, you should expect ads and the inability to save songs for offline listening.

These options are only available to paying customers of the Premium version, but the cost may surprise you when compared to others on the list.

There are no upload limits in GB, just in the number of songs you may upload, which is limited to 100,000 audio files. This is not a small quantity and will be enough for the most demanding music lovers, but you can always pay for more storage if necessary.

This storage is easy to use and offers clean options, therefore it is not only free but also highly popular. The name gives it a bit more credibility and it’s understandable why many people use it.

  • Premium – $9.99 per month
  • Free
  • Massive storage
  • Has radio stations
  • No apps for Windows or macOS
  • Not intuitive like YouTube


According to what you can see, there are several excellent options available, and if you want the safest place to keep your music online, you should consider using a cloud storage service.

Figure out whether you want to store only music or a variety of other files, and then choose the best strategy for you. Apart from that, compare all of the pricing and free options available to you and have your music close to you at all times.

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