How to Choose the Best Japan Proxy Service

best japan proxy service

Whether you want to trade in Japan or abroad, you’ll need to look for a reliable proxy service to help you. This is especially true when you’re trying to invest in foreign stocks. But how do you choose the best service?


Luminati is a popular Japan proxy service that has an extensive residential IP pool of over 72 million. Unlike other proxies, these IPs are not blocked. Luminati is also available in a datacenter proxy version, providing fast, stable connections. These are great for downloading large files or sharing them.

Luminati also provides a free trial for users to try their service. The free trial gives users the ability to try the service for one hour. There is also a custom session option that allows users to define the duration of the session.

In addition to residential IPs, Luminati also provides datacenter proxies. These work in all countries, and can be used for most services. However, they do have a limited bandwidth.

While the pricing may be high, Luminati also offers a seven day free trial. The service also offers exclusive domains and shared IPs.

Luminati also provides proxies in many other countries. Users can choose from residential, datacenter, or mobile IPs. Luminati also has an API that allows users to create a quick and affordable proxy solution. It also offers a Chrome extension that allows users to change IPs whenever a new session is available.

The service also offers a custom API that can be used to help companies create online advertising. Luminati also provides website loading speed data. In addition, it has access to airline reservation systems and concert ticket sellers.

The Luminati Chrome extension allows users to use residential IPs. It also allows users to define how many requests they can make and the maximum duration of each session. The extension also automatically refreshes the ip every 60 seconds.

Although it is not the cheapest Japan proxy service, it is a popular provider. However, the number of proxies offered is minimal.


Among the many Japan proxy services out there, Shifter is one of the few that offer you a whole lot of bang for your buck. In fact, their pricing model is designed around port-by-port rotation, and they provide you with unlimited bandwidth. The best part is that they do the legwork for you. The only drawback is that they aren’t available everywhere, but with their large database of IP addresses you shouldn’t have too many problems finding the right one.

They also have a well-designed website that features a robust search engine. The site also features a comprehensive collection of articles on the ins and outs of Japanese proxy services. Among other things, you’ll find information on how to use a Japanese proxy and how to avoid common pitfalls. You can even learn about the best Japanese VPN providers. Using Japanese proxies can save you from being ripped off by unscrupulous hackers and also allow you to buy goods at a discount from Japanese retailers. If you’re looking for a way to make a profit online, a Japan proxy service could be just the ticket.

Aside from Shifter, the best Japan proxy service is probably Smartproxy. This company boasts proxies from 194 locations across the globe, including Japan. Their proprietary protocol is designed to protect your IP address from cloning, and their subscription model is based on bandwidth, rather than an annual fee. They also boast of having the largest IP pool of any Japanese proxy service, at over 100k IPs. They also have a hefty list of other credentials, including a robust firewall. Despite their size, they’ve also managed to woo a slew of loyal customers, a feat not all proxy providers can claim.


Getting Japan proxies can be a challenge. However, there are some options to help you out. One is BuyProxies, a popular data center provider. They offer packages that include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited ports, and dedicated Japan proxies. They have a three-day money-back guarantee, and customers can request Japan proxies after purchase.

Another provider, Luminati, offers a large pool of Japanese proxies. They offer residential and datacenter proxies. You can try out Luminati for seven days with a free trial. They have a high price, however.

If you’re looking for a more affordable service, You-Proxy is an option. They offer personal server IPs for Japan in any quantity. They also have a discount for wholesale purchases.

Smartproxy has more than 100 thousand IP addresses, and they offer city-level targeting for a few cities. They don’t offer city-level targeting for Japan, however.

The only other free service that offers a similar gimmick is Proxynova. It offers a small list of Japan proxy servers, but doesn’t have a very long list. They also show you the last proxy evaluation date, which is useful.

BuyProxies offers a few packages that are useful, but they aren’t as flexible as some of their competitors. They only offer a few proxies, and their bandwidth is limited. Unlike other providers, they don’t offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

The most important thing is that you get a good proxy service. The best providers offer secure, fast, and reliable services. They also offer great user experiences. They continue to improve their features and services.

Proxy services in Japan are especially useful for sneaker bots and other applications that require an anonymous IP address. They allow you to access restricted content, such as streaming services. They can also be used to buy limited-edition clothing from Japanese stores.


Buying products from Japan is notoriously difficult, especially for international buyers. Proxy services are an alternative to buying products directly from the source. They purchase items for their customers, and can be especially useful if buying secondhand items. However, many proxy services charge high fees for shipping and insurance. If you plan on buying expensive items from Japan, it may be wise to buy from the source instead.

There are several types of Japanese proxy services. Among them are Zenmarket, FromJapan, and Rakuten. These sites are known for their user-friendly interfaces, and are also known for charging a minimal service fee. Other niche sites also have their own offline shops. Some also offer special events or discounts.

To use a proxy service, you first need to register. You will then receive a Japanese address that you can use for online shopping sites. You can also purchase goods directly from Japan through the site. This can be a good way to reduce impulse buying, and it can also allow you to get goods at a better price.

Buying items through a proxy service is especially helpful if you want to buy secondhand items, or items from Japanese makers. Proxy sites also offer low exchange rates, and are secure. Some also have tools for biddng on Yahoo Auctions, a service that is similar to eBay in Japan.

Some proxy services are also great for buying items from Japanese stores that do not accept international credit cards. These include Zenmarket, Rakuten, and Mercari. You can register with these sites and add funds to your account.

Once you have purchased an item, the proxy service will then ship it to you. You can also adjust the value on shipping documents to avoid duties or taxes.


Buying items directly from Japan can be a daunting task for foreigners, but ZenMarket’s proxy service takes the hassle out of it. They allow you to browse and bid on Japanese auction websites in your own language, and then consolidate all your orders into one package. The results are cheaper and more convenient.

While you may have seen many online stores in Japan, you may not have realized they often have limited payment options. ZenMarket allows you to use international credit cards and other payment methods. There is a 300 yen signup bonus to help you reduce your overall fees.

The service also includes a 45-day storage period. This allows you to buy things without worrying about shipping delays. Normally, items will arrive within two to three days. However, this time frame may be different if the items are sent through a courier service.

ZenMarket also offers 24-hour multilingual customer support. You can access the customer support in any language you need, and ask questions about the items you are interested in. ZenMarket will do its best to resolve any disputes between you and the seller.

ZenMarket also offers a free 45-day storage period, which is a great way to keep your items safe until you are ready to ship them. Once your items arrive at their warehouse, they will be checked and inspected. If they are found to be defective, ZenMarket will refund your money. They also offer multilingual support, which is great for those who may not speak Japanese.

The service also makes ordering a whole lot easier. ZenMarket’s automatic product price checker can tell you how much an item costs. They can also issue a quote within a few seconds.

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