Bitcoin ETFs approved and trading in the US

Bitcoin ETFs approved and trading in the US; SEC’s X account is hacked, causing havoc in markets; and Venezuela discontinues its national cryptocurrency, Petro.

Bitcoin ETFs Approved and Trading in the US

Exciting news for the cryptocurrency world as Bitcoin ETFs have been approved and are now available for trading in the United States. This marks a major milestone for Bitcoin, as it provides more accessibility and legitimacy to the digital currency. Investors can now participate in the cryptocurrency market through regulated exchange-traded funds, potentially opening the doors for more widespread adoption.

SEC’s X Account Gets Hacked, Causing Havoc in Markets

In a shocking turn of events, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) X account has been compromised, leading to significant chaos in the financial markets. The hackers responsible for the breach have allegedly gained unauthorized access to sensitive information, causing panic among investors. This incident highlights the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and raises concerns about the vulnerability of financial systems to cyberattacks.

Venezuela Discontinues Its National Cryptocurrency, Petro

Venezuela has made the decision to discontinue its national cryptocurrency, Petro. Launched with high hopes as a solution to the country’s economic crisis, Petro failed to gain traction and faced widespread criticism. The government has decided to refocus its efforts on other strategies to stabilize the economy. This development raises questions about the viability and effectiveness of state-backed cryptocurrencies.


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