Buyback Program Raises Concerns

Participants in Buyback Program Waive Claims Against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo

YouTube investigator Coffeezilla recently highlighted an interesting aspect of the buyback program conducted by Logan Paul and CryptoZoo. According to Coffeezilla, participants in the program are required to waive any actual or anticipated claims they may have against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo.

This precautionary measure raises questions about the intentions behind the buyback program and the potential risks participants may face. By waiving claims, participants effectively surrender their right to take any legal action against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo, regardless of any future issues that may arise.

The Purpose of the Buyback Program

The buyback program, as promoted by Logan Paul and CryptoZoo, seeks to reimburse individuals who purchased certain NFTs that suffered significant decreases in value. The program aims to alleviate the financial losses experienced by these individuals through a process of buying back the NFTs at a predetermined price.

While this initiative may appear to be an act of goodwill towards affected investors, the requirement to waive claims raises concerns about the underlying motivations behind the buyback program. Critics argue that the inclusion of the waiver clause is an attempt to protect Logan Paul and CryptoZoo from potential legal consequences stemming from the NFTs’ devaluation.

An Unusual Condition

It is uncommon for buyback programs to contain such a condition that obliges participants to waive their rights to pursue legal action. In most cases, these programs are devised to compensate investors for their losses without any limitation on future claims.

The presence of the waiver clause not only creates a potential hurdle for participants seeking recourse but also raises suspicions about the confidence Logan Paul and CryptoZoo have in their own buyback program. If the program is truly designed to benefit affected investors, why would Logan Paul and CryptoZoo require waiver of claims?

Potential Risks for Participants

By agreeing to waive actual or anticipated claims against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo, participants potentially expose themselves to several risks. Firstly, they relinquish the ability to seek reimbursement through legal means should the buyback program fail to fulfill its promises.

In addition, participants may find themselves without any legal recourse if they discover new information suggesting fraudulent or deceptive practices by Logan Paul and CryptoZoo. The waiver clause effectively removes participants from holding these entities accountable for any misconduct or wrongdoing.

While buyback programs can be a means of providing relief to affected investors, the inclusion of the waiver requirement undoubtedly introduces an element of uncertainty and risk for participants.


The buyback program initiated by Logan Paul and CryptoZoo aims to assist investors who suffered losses due to the devaluation of certain NFTs. However, YouTube investigator Coffeezilla shed light on the concerning requirement for participants to waive any claims against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo.

This unusual condition raises suspicions about the true motivations behind the buyback program and potential risks for participants. By waiving their rights, participants may find themselves unable to seek legal redress if the program fails to deliver as promised or if new information emerges regarding fraudulent activities.

As investors consider participating in such buyback programs, it is crucial for them to carefully evaluate the potential consequences and weigh the risks associated with waiving their legal rights.


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