Cboe BZX Exchange Proposes Fidelity Ethereum Fund

Proposed Rule Change Allows Cboe BZX Exchange to List and Trade Fidelity Ethereum Fund Shares

The Cboe BZX Exchange is seeking to list and trade shares of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund, according to a proposed rule change. This move aims to provide investors with more opportunities to access the growing market of digital assets.

What is the Fidelity Ethereum Fund?

The Fidelity Ethereum Fund is a mutual fund that primarily invests in the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Managed by Fidelity Investments, one of the largest asset managers in the world, this fund provides investors with exposure to the potential growth of Ethereum.

By offering a regulated and secure way to invest in digital assets, Fidelity aims to attract both institutional and retail investors who are interested in cryptocurrencies but hesitant to navigate the complex landscape themselves.

The Proposed Rule Change

The proposed rule change by the Cboe BZX Exchange seeks to enable the listing and trading of shares of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund. Under current regulations, a rule change is required for any new product or instrument to be listed on an exchange.

If the proposed rule change is approved, it will allow the Fidelity Ethereum Fund to be traded on the Cboe BZX Exchange, opening up new opportunities for investors to buy and sell shares of the fund like any other publicly traded security.

Public Comment Period

As part of the regulatory process, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested public comments on the proposed rule change. Interested individuals and organizations have 21 days to submit their comments for consideration.

This comment period provides an opportunity for investors, industry experts, and other stakeholders to voice their opinions and concerns about the listing and trading of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund on the Cboe BZX Exchange.

Advantages of Listing the Fidelity Ethereum Fund

The proposed listing and trading of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund on the Cboe BZX Exchange brings several advantages for investors:

  1. Liquidity: By being listed on a regulated exchange, the fund can benefit from increased liquidity, allowing investors to buy and sell shares more easily.
  2. Transparency: The listing of the fund on a reputable exchange enhances transparency, providing investors with improved visibility into the fund’s performance and holdings.
  3. Accessiblity: Investors who may have been previously hesitant to invest directly in cryptocurrencies can now gain exposure to Ethereum through a regulated mutual fund.
  4. Institutional Adoption: The listing of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund on an established exchange like Cboe BZX may attract institutional investors that require regulatory oversight.


The proposed rule change by the Cboe BZX Exchange to allow the listing and trading of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund shares represents a significant step in providing investors with greater access to the digital asset market. If approved, this move could open the doors for more investors to participate in the potential growth of Ethereum while benefiting from the regulation and transparency offered by a reputable exchange.


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