Crypto Lending Firm Settles with FTC

Crypto Lending Firm Settles with FTC Over Alleged Violations

The crypto lending firm has reached a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over alleged violations, as announced in October. It’s important to note that this settlement does not address the pending case between the former CEO, Stephen Ehrlich, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The settlement is the result of an investigation conducted by the FTC into the activities of the crypto lending firm. The allegations included deceptive practices, misrepresentation of terms, and failure to adequately protect customer funds.

Terms of the Settlement

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the crypto lending firm will be required to implement various measures to address the alleged violations. These measures aim to ensure transparency, improve customer protection, and enhance the overall security of the platform.

Additionally, the company will be subject to ongoing monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure compliance with the terms of the settlement. This includes regular audits and assessments to verify the implementation of the required measures.

Impact on Customers

The settlement agreement aims to provide restitution to affected customers who may have been harmed by the alleged violations. The details of the restitution program have not been disclosed publicly, but it is expected to compensate customers for any losses incurred.

Customers of the crypto lending firm may also expect to see improvements in the company’s practices and policies as a result of the settlement. The increased transparency and enhanced protections should help build trust and confidence among customers.

Pending Case with Former CEO

It is worth noting that the settlement with the FTC does not resolve the pending case between the former CEO and the CFTC. Stephen Ehrlich’s case against the CFTC involves separate allegations, and the outcome of that case will be determined independently.

The resolution of the FTC’s investigation and settlement should not be taken as an indication of guilt or innocence in the pending case with the CFTC. The two cases involve different allegations and will be assessed and decided upon separately.


The settlement between the crypto lending firm and the FTC represents a significant step towards resolving the alleged violations and improving customer protections. With the implementation of the required measures and ongoing monitoring, it is hoped that the firm will demonstrate a commitment to transparency and security in its operations.

While this settlement addresses the concerns raised by the FTC, it does not provide a resolution for the pending case involving the former CEO and the CFTC. The outcome of that case will be determined separately, and its resolution will have its own implications for the industry and market participants.


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