Dashjr Rebuts Accusations, Urges Samourai Wallet to Fix Bug

Dashjr Denies Accusations and Urges Samourai Wallet to Fix Bug

Bitcoin developer Dashjr has rejected blame for accusations aimed against Ocean and urged Samourai Wallet to fix the bug “on your end.”

The Accusations Unveiled

In recent news, accusations have been made against Ocean, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform, regarding a bug that potentially jeopardizes user security. These accusations were initially directed at Bitcoin developer Dashjr, who immediately denied any involvement.

Dashjr Denies All Allegations

During an interview, Dashjr firmly stated that he was not responsible for the alleged bug in question. He emphasized that his role as a Bitcoin developer does not involve coding for specific platforms such as Ocean or Samourai Wallet.

Furthermore, Dashjr highlighted that he is solely focused on contributing to the Bitcoin network’s advancement and ensuring its security. He clarified that any accusations linking him to the bug are entirely baseless.

A Call for Action

While rejecting any involvement, Dashjr took the opportunity to address Samourai Wallet directly and request their immediate attention to fix the bug. He emphasized the importance of proactive measures in maintaining user trust and security within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Dashjr urged Samourai Wallet to take responsibility and resolve the bug promptly. He emphasized that the bug fix should be implemented “on their end” and not attributed to Bitcoin developers who are unrelated to the issue at hand.

By placing the onus on Samourai Wallet, Dashjr hopes for a quick resolution to alleviate concerns and uphold the integrity of the cryptocurrency community.


As accusations fly and tensions rise, Dashjr remains resolute in denying any involvement in the alleged bug. He reiterates his commitment to the development of Bitcoin and emphasizes the importance of a collective effort to ensure user security.

With Dashjr urging Samourai Wallet to take prompt action, the resolution of the bug becomes a pressing matter. The cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits a resolution to this issue as it strives to maintain trust and integrity in the ever-evolving world of digital assets.


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