ENS Accuses Unstoppable Domains of Patent Infringement

ENS developer Nick Johnson has accused Unstoppable Domains of infringing on their innovations, claiming that a patent granted to Unstoppable Domains in January is entirely based on ENS Labs’ work.

Johnson argues that the patent awarded to Unstoppable Domains fails to acknowledge the prior art and the contributions made by ENS Labs to the development of blockchain-based naming systems. He believes that Unstoppable Domains’ patent application relies heavily on ENS Labs’ work without giving proper credit.

The ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to register and manage domain names ending in “.eth”. ENS Labs has been actively involved in the development and innovation of ENS since its inception.

Unstoppable Domains, on the other hand, offers a similar service, allowing users to replace long and complex cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable domain names. They have recently been granted a patent for their domain registry.

ENS Labs Innovations

Johnson claims that Unstoppable Domains’ patent is based on several key innovations developed by ENS Labs. These include the use of DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions), which ensures the authenticity and integrity of DNS information, and the integration of blockchain technology to enhance the security and functionality of the naming system.

He further alleges that Unstoppable Domains’ patent application replicates the overall design and architecture of the ENS system. According to Johnson, the similarities are not coincidental but rather a direct copy of ENS Labs’ innovations.

Licensing and Collaboration

In response to the infringement allegations, Unstoppable Domains has stated that they have been actively collaborating with ENS Labs throughout the development process. They claim that the granted patent reflects the joint efforts and shared knowledge of both parties.

Unstoppable Domains maintains that their patent does not restrict or impede ENS Labs from continuing their work or using similar technologies. They express their willingness to work together with ENS Labs to further advance the field of decentralized naming systems.

However, Johnson argues that while collaboration did take place, Unstoppable Domains’ patent application fails to acknowledge the specific contributions made by ENS Labs. He believes that proper recognition should be given to the original creators and innovators in the field.

Legal Implications

The allegations of patent infringement raise potential legal ramifications for Unstoppable Domains. If found guilty of infringing on ENS Labs’ innovations, they may face legal consequences, including potential damages and injunctions.

Patent disputes in the technology sector are not uncommon, and it remains to be seen how this particular case will unfold. The outcome could have significant implications for the future of blockchain-based naming systems and the protection of intellectual property in the decentralized space.

Both ENS Labs and Unstoppable Domains are important players in the development of decentralized naming systems. Their ongoing dispute highlights the need for clear recognition and acknowledgement of innovation and collaboration within the blockchain community.


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