FTX Employee Denies Involvement in Fraud

FTX Foundation Employee Denies Involvement in Sam Bankman-Fried’s “Inner Circle”

Ross Rheingans-Yoo, an employee at the FTX Foundation, has come forward to deny any knowledge or involvement in the alleged fraud committed by FTX.

Speaking to, Rheingans-Yoo stated emphatically that he was not part of Sam Bankman-Fried’s “inner circle,” and had no knowledge of any fraudulent activities taking place at FTX.

This statement comes in response to recent allegations made against the popular cryptocurrency exchange. FTX has faced accusations of fraudulent practices, including market manipulation and insider trading.

FTX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, with a reputation for innovation and transparency. However, these allegations have raised concerns among investors and the wider cryptocurrency community.

Rheingans-Yoo’s denial adds an interesting twist to this ongoing controversy. As an employee of the FTX Foundation, he would be in a position to have insider knowledge. However, his claim of being outside Bankman-Fried’s inner circle suggests a potential disconnect between key individuals within the organization.

The FTX Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on supporting innovative projects and initiatives in the cryptocurrency space. It operates independently from the FTX exchange but shares a common goal of promoting the development and adoption of digital assets.

As the investigation into FTX’s alleged fraudulent activities continues, both the exchange and its employees will likely face increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies and the wider community. The outcome of these investigations will have significant implications for FTX and the broader cryptocurrency industry.


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