Grayscale and VanEck File Registrations for Bitcoin ETFs

Grayscale and VanEck File Registrations for Bitcoin ETFs

Leading cryptocurrency investment management firm Grayscale and global investment management giant VanEck have recently filed registrations to list shares of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on major US exchanges.

The aim of these filings is to provide investors with more accessible and regulated avenues to invest in Bitcoin.

Grayscale’s NYSE Arca Filing

Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, has filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to create a Bitcoin ETF called the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

The filing for the GBTC will seek to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) Arca trading platform. If approved, this would allow institutional and retail investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without the need to directly hold or store the digital asset.

This move by Grayscale comes as no surprise, given its success in managing various Bitcoin investment products, including the popular Grayscale Bitcoin Trust which currently holds over $30 billion in assets under management (AUM).

VanEck’s Cboe BZX Exchange Filing

Alongside Grayscale, VanEck has also submitted a registration statement to establish a Bitcoin ETF. VanEck notably withdrew its previous ETF proposal in 2019 due to regulatory concerns but has now returned with renewed confidence.

If approved, the VanEck Bitcoin Trust (VBTC) would be listed on the Cboe BZX Exchange, one of the largest options and futures exchanges globally.

VanEck has a strong reputation in the investment management industry and is known for launching the first gold-related ETF in the United States. Its entry into the Bitcoin ETF space could potentially bring greater legitimacy and acceptance to the cryptocurrency market.

Benefits of Bitcoin ETFs

The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs offers several benefits to both institutional and retail investors.

Firstly, these ETFs provide a more regulated and transparent environment for investing in Bitcoin. This can help address concerns surrounding fraud, security, and market manipulation that have been associated with unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Secondly, ETFs make it easier for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without the need to directly own or handle the digital asset themselves. This can attract a wider range of investors who may be hesitant to navigate the complexities of purchasing and securely storing cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, the listing of Bitcoin ETFs on reputable US exchanges like the NYSE and Cboe can enhance the overall credibility of the cryptocurrency market. It signals a growing acceptance and recognition of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class.


The recent filings by Grayscale and VanEck to list Bitcoin ETFs on major US exchanges mark significant developments in the cryptocurrency investment landscape. If approved, these ETFs could pave the way for increased mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and provide investors with new avenues for participating in the digital currency market.


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