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Using proxy sites is a convenient way to surf the Web. They can hide your real identity so that you can access sites that would otherwise be inaccessible. Proxy sites can also protect your privacy by filtering out websites that you may be viewed by unscrupulous individuals.


Using Anonymouse Proxy Sites is one of the easiest ways to bypass internet filtering. This has become a major security concern for organisations. A recent Bloxx survey found that over half of the respondents felt that the problem of anonymous proxies had become worse over the last year.

Anonymous proxies have become a major security threat to both the private and educational sectors. Both sectors are concerned with the risk of data leakage and threats to network security.

The Bloxx survey found that 52% of respondents would take at least a day to block a new site. The survey also found that 5% of publicly available anonymous proxies contained malicious content. These malicious files include adware, spyware, trojans and exploits.

One of the first proxy servers, Anonymouse has been running since 1997. The site has been translated into German and English, and users can choose to use email proxies or web proxies.

The site offers low-cost subscriptions to faster proxy servers. Subscribers can control the use of ads and cookie permissions, and own larger file downloads.

Anonymouse Proxy Sites can also be used to avoid IP address bans. In addition, users can access websites that are blocked in their region. This can help avoid being caught in a cross-site scripting attack.


Using a proxy is a way to hide your real IP address and surf the internet anonymously. Proxy sites can protect your Internet connection from malicious content. They also allow you to access your favorite websites and resources from outside of your network.

CroxyProxy is a popular free secure web proxy. It works by hiding your real IP address and encrypting your traffic. CroxyProxy is an open source product. It works on all major operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Chrome OS. It offers a basic free version as well as a premium subscription. It also supports a wide range of search engines, social networks and video sites.

CroxyProxy is based on a unique technology. In addition to hiding your IP, CroxyProxy also provides permanent SSL encryption. CroxyProxy also makes use of a number of other features, including HTML5 video playback, audio playback and full video streaming.

Another great feature of CroxyProxy is the fact that it can support e-mail services. This means that you can send e-mails to friends and family using CroxyProxy. The site also supports social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Using a proxysite like CroxyProxy can be a good way to bypass censorship filters.


Using a web proxy allows you to access the internet from various IP addresses from across the globe. This is the same concept as using a VPN to access content from another country. It is also the best way to avoid hackers who are trying to steal sensitive information from your computer.

Megaproxy has a free version but it also offers a paid service. In the paid plan, users can save 60% off their monthly fee. The paid version offers more features such as a private bookmark organizer, web-based internet cooking management, and online privacy protection. The company also offers a feature that helps users optimize their surfing experience by reducing data content from remote sites.

The company also has a feature that uses the latest in encryption technology to protect your information. This includes a web-based security system that lets you block cookies and ads while browsing. You can also control your browser’s user agent identification.

The company also has a free browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The extension makes it possible to use a web proxy from within your browser. The free version only allows you to view about 60 web pages in a five-hour period.


Founded in Hong Kong, Hidester is a proxy site that allows you to browse websites anonymously. The site has 40+ servers across 35 countries, including servers in the US, UK, and Australia. The site also has a dedicated support team.

Hidester encrypts the connection and keeps the IP address of your device secret. It also doesn’t collect any traffic data. It’s easy to use. It doesn’t require registration or any other fees.

Hidester uses AES-256-CBC TLS 2048 bit encryption protocol, which is one of the most secure encryption algorithms available today. The creators of Hidester VPN are concerned with the privacy and security of their users’ digital identities. Hidester VPN has no logging policy and doesn’t collect any traffic data or DNS requests.

Hidester VPN provides users with the ability to choose servers based on their activities. The site allows users to mark their favorite servers and connect directly from the Favorites tab. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. The refund policy depends on the plan you choose.

Hidester offers a free version and a monthly subscription. The paid version is $9.99 per month. Unlike other proxy sites, Hidester doesn’t have any advertising or links to other sites.

Elfiq Link Balancer

Having the ability to effectively manage bandwidth is important to many organizations. With proper Internet connectivity, the workforce can operate at optimal levels, while customers enjoy an enjoyable experience. The ability to balance multiple ISP links provides business continuity.

The Elfiq Link Balancer is designed to enhance bandwidth management. Its QoS feature gives priority to bandwidth-intensive applications, while providing lower priority to non-critical activities. Using this feature, users can create policies that apply to different links. The Elfiq device also allows users to shape bandwidth by controlling traffic at the application level.

The Elfiq LBX2600 Controller is a cost-effective solution that is built for proactive bandwidth management. The LBX2600 handles 2Gbps of throughput, and it can redistribute traffic across multiple sites. This model is especially useful for businesses that are looking for a solution to handle large bandwidth demands. The Elfiq LBX5500 Controller is ideal for large data centers and is built on SitePathMTPX bandwidth virtualization technology. This technology offers resilience for point-to-point applications and voice over IP deployments.

Elfiq Networks offers an innovative QoS feature that prioritizes bandwidth for critical applications, while allowing users to give lower priority to non-critical activities. The feature also includes support for QoS diffserv marking. The QoS module also lets users configure policies, such as enabling or disabling specific traffic protocols. It’s also possible to combine the Elfiq Link Balancer with Elfiq App Optimizer for application-level traffic shaping.

Web page caching

Using proxysites to increase the speed of your website can be an effective way to improve your search engine optimization and user experience. Caching can also help to ensure that your site’s content is delivered to users faster and more efficiently.

There are a variety of caching techniques, ranging from the full-page cache to the site cache. Which type you choose will depend on the type of content on your site, the amount of traffic, and your overall site UX.

When your website’s content is stored in a cache, it is updated as needed to reflect changes to the page you have accessed. This helps to improve the speed of page loading, and it reduces server round trips.

A browser cache is a special place on your computer that stores content from a website. It can store files such as images and JavaScript (r) files. It is also used to store streaming video data. The cache can be configured so that it is automatically deleted when it is no longer needed.

A proxy server is a server that intercepts requests from your web browser and passes them along to other servers. This is useful for high-traffic websites or large networks.


Using a proxy site is a common solution for those who want to browse the Internet anonymously. However, there are some disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

First of all, you may not be able to access certain sites. This is due to content geo-blocking, which restricts access to certain websites. The websites that are blocked may be in the United States, Canada, or Europe. International companies may want to provide different content for different countries.

Second, some proxies use firewalls to block access to specific sites. These can be a performance bottleneck for high-bandwidth networks. Third, many free proxies are owned by malicious parties. These parties want to make money by selling your personal information. These parties also use javascript to spy on your activity. They can also try to spread malware and steal your passwords.

Fourth, some free proxy sites do not offer secure encryption. This makes it easy for malicious parties to obtain your personal information. This is why it is important to choose a proxy site that offers SSL encryption.

Fifth, the proxy cache may become outdated after a certain period of time. This is due to the time it takes to validate the requests. The time is affected by the size of the data and the frequency of the requests.https://www.youtube.com/embed/VIZwK-eu410

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