Indian Supreme Court dismisses plea for crypto regulation

Indian Supreme Court Dismisses Plea for Crypto Regulation

The Indian Supreme Court has dismissed a plea for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. The plea, brought by a petitioner seeking the court’s intervention in regulating the crypto industry, was rejected by a bench headed by the Chief Justice of India.

Court’s Remarks on the Petitioner’s Demands

In response to the plea, the bench commented that the demands made by the petitioner are more legislative in nature. The court emphasized that it is not within their purview to legislate or make policies on such matters.

The Current Scenario of Crypto Regulation

India does not currently have a comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. In April 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a circular banning banks and financial institutions from dealing with crypto-related transactions.

RBI’s Circular Struck Down by the Supreme Court

This circular by the RBI was challenged in the Supreme Court by various parties, including cryptocurrency exchanges. In March 2020, the court ruled in favor of the exchanges and struck down the ban, allowing them to resume operations.

The Need for Clarity in Crypto Regulation

Despite the lifting of the ban, there is still a lack of clarity regarding the legal status of cryptocurrencies in India. The government has expressed concerns over potential money laundering and illegal activities associated with digital currencies.

Potential Benefits of Regulation

Advocates for crypto regulation argue that a well-defined regulatory framework can help mitigate risks and promote responsible use of cryptocurrencies. Clear guidelines can also attract legitimate players, foster innovation, and provide better consumer protection.

The Way Forward

Given the current state of ambiguity, industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies should actively engage in a dialogue to develop regulations that balance consumer protection with innovation. Collaborative efforts can help shape a regulatory landscape that addresses concerns while fostering growth and development in the crypto industry.


The dismissal of the plea for crypto regulation by the Indian Supreme Court indicates that the court sees this matter as one that requires legislative action rather than judicial intervention. With ongoing discussions and consultations, it is hoped that India will establish a clear and comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in the near future.


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