Major Bug Causes $700k Loss in Lifnity’s Pool

Major Bug Causes $700,000 Loss in Lifnity’s Pool

A recent bug on the Immediate-or-Cancel order feature has resulted in the loss of almost $700,000 from Lifnity’s LFNTY-USDC pool. The devastating incident has left the platform and its users grappling with the aftermath.

The Immediate-or-Cancel Order Glitch

The bug, which went undetected for an undisclosed period, was discovered when a user reported a significant reduction in their pool balance. Further investigation revealed that the funds had been drained due to a malfunction in the Immediate-or-Cancel order system, causing substantial financial damage to Lifnity.

The Impact on Lifnity

Lifnity, a prominent player in the crypto space, is known for its robust security measures and innovative features. However, this unforeseen bug has not only compromised their reputation but also affected the trust of their users and partners. The incident has made it evident that even the most well-established platforms are susceptible to unforeseen vulnerabilities.

User Outrage and Compensation

Understandably, Lifnity users are furious and demanding answers. Many affected users have expressed their frustrations on social media platforms, calling for immediate action and compensation for their losses. Lifnity’s customer support teams are now working around the clock to address the complaints and provide appropriate solutions to affected users.

Learnings and Future Measures

This unfortunate incident has highlighted the importance of rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures when deploying any new features or updates. It serves as a reminder to all crypto platforms to prioritize security audits and vulnerability assessments to prevent such vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Lifnity is already taking steps to rectify the issue by conducting a thorough investigation and ensuring that the Immediate-or-Cancel order system is fixed and tested rigorously before being reintroduced. They have also committed to implementing additional security measures to regain users’ trust and prevent similar incidents in the future.


The bug on Lifnity’s Immediate-or-Cancel order system has resulted in a devastating loss of nearly $700,000 from their LFNTY-USDC pool. This incident serves as a reminder to the crypto industry about the importance of stringent security measures and thorough testing procedures. Lifnity is actively working to rectify the issue and restore their users’ confidence, while also taking steps to prevent such incidents from occurring again.


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