Matthew White Appointed as New CEO of Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority

Matthew White Appointed as New CEO of Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority

Outgoing head Henson Orser will remain a consultant after Matthew White takes over as the new CEO of Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority.

Following the departure of Henson Orser, Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) has announced the appointment of Matthew White as its new CEO. The regulatory body, responsible for overseeing virtual assets in Dubai, believes that White’s extensive experience in the industry make him well-suited for the role.

White joins VARA with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the virtual asset sector. He has spent several years working in various leadership positions within the industry, including roles at prominent digital asset firms and regulatory bodies. His deep understanding of the complexities and trends within the virtual asset space will be instrumental in driving VARA’s mission forward.

As the new CEO, White will be tasked with ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering innovation in the growing virtual asset market in Dubai. He will work closely with other financial authorities, industry stakeholders, and government entities to develop and implement effective regulations that promote the growth and stability of the sector.

The appointment of White marks an important milestone for VARA, as the organization looks to solidify its position as a leading regulatory authority in the virtual asset space. His proven track record and commitment to advancing the industry will contribute to building trust and confidence among investors, businesses, and consumers operating in the Dubai market.

Outgoing CEO Henson Orser will remain involved with VARA as a consultant, providing valuable insights and guidance during the transition period. Orser’s expertise and contributions to the regulatory body have been instrumental in establishing VARA as a trusted authority in the region.

Under Orser’s leadership, VARA has played a pivotal role in shaping Dubai’s virtual asset ecosystem, working closely with market participants to establish robust frameworks and guidelines. The regulatory body has been at the forefront of efforts to combat financial crime, protect investors, and foster innovation within the virtual asset sector.

With White taking the helm, VARA is well-positioned to further enhance its regulatory frameworks and processes. His proven ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and drive strategic initiatives will be invaluable in adapting to the evolving needs and challenges of the dynamic virtual asset market.

In conclusion, the appointment of Matthew White as CEO of VARA brings a fresh perspective and expertise to the regulatory body. With his extensive background in the virtual asset industry and commitment to advancing the sector, White will undoubtedly contribute to VARA’s continued success in establishing Dubai as a leading global hub for virtual asset innovation and investment.


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