MicroStrategy Founder Adds Bitcoin to Holdings

MicroStrategy Founder Michael Saylor Continues to Add Bitcoin to Company’s Holdings

Michael Saylor, the founder of global software company MicroStrategy, has been actively increasing his Bitcoin holdings since the start of the third quarter. It is reported that Saylor has purchased a total of 6,067 Bitcoin in recent months.

Saylor, an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin, sees the cryptocurrency as a long-term store of value and a hedge against inflation. With his latest purchases, he is further solidifying MicroStrategy’s commitment to Bitcoin as a strategic asset.

MicroStrategy first made headlines in August 2020 when it announced its initial investment in Bitcoin. Since then, the company has been steadily accumulating more of the cryptocurrency. With Saylor’s recent purchases, MicroStrategy now holds a significant amount of Bitcoin in its corporate treasury.

MicroStrategy’s Bold Move

The decision to invest heavily in Bitcoin is seen as a bold move by many in the business and finance world. While some traditional investors remain skeptical about cryptocurrencies, Saylor believes that Bitcoin offers unique advantages and opportunities.

One of the main reasons behind MicroStrategy’s interest in Bitcoin is its potential to preserve purchasing power in times of economic uncertainty. With the global economy experiencing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are seeking alternative assets to protect their capital.

By investing in Bitcoin, MicroStrategy aims to not only safeguard its wealth but also generate long-term value for its shareholders. Saylor has been vocal about his belief that Bitcoin will outperform traditional fiat currencies in the coming years.

The Continuous Accumulation of Bitcoin

Saylor’s ongoing accumulation of Bitcoin reflects his confidence in the cryptocurrency’s future prospects. This relentless buying spree not only demonstrates Saylor’s personal conviction but also signals MicroStrategy’s commitment to Bitcoin as a core part of its business strategy.

MicroStrategy’s investments in Bitcoin have caught the attention of other companies, with several corporations following suit. The trend of institutional adoption of Bitcoin has been gaining momentum, as more businesses recognize its potential as a reliable asset class.

The increased activity from institutional investors like MicroStrategy has significantly contributed to Bitcoin’s growing mainstream acceptance. As more companies join the Bitcoin bandwagon, it further validates Saylor’s long-term vision for the cryptocurrency.


Michael Saylor’s continuous accumulation of Bitcoin highlights his unwavering belief in the cryptocurrency’s potential. By adding significant amounts of Bitcoin to MicroStrategy’s balance sheet, Saylor is positioning his company at the forefront of the digital currency revolution.

While the skeptics doubt Bitcoin’s long-term viability, Saylor remains confident that the cryptocurrency will continue to disrupt traditional finance and become a dominant store of value. With MicroStrategy leading the way, other companies may soon follow suit, ushering in a new era of institutional Bitcoin adoption.


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