Nvidia Expands Partnership & Taps into Local AI Talent in Vietnam

Nvidia CEO Looks to Expand Partnership and Tap into Local AI Talent in Vietnam

Nvidia, a global leader in advanced computing technology, has announced its plans to further enhance its partnership in Vietnam and considers establishing a base in the country to attract local talent in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

During a recent interview, Nvidia CEO emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in Vietnam and leveraging the potential of the Vietnamese market. The company sees Vietnam as a strategic location for its future endeavors in the AI industry.

Capitalizing on the Vietnamese Market

Nvidia recognizes the significant growth and potential that Vietnam offers in the AI sector. With its young and talented workforce, the country has become an attractive destination for tech companies looking to tap into emerging markets.

The expansion plans demonstrate Nvidia’s confidence in Vietnam’s abilities to provide a favorable environment for technological development and innovation. By establishing a local base, Nvidia aims to further support the growth of AI technologies and nurture local talent within the industry.

Collaborating for Success

Nvidia’s plan to expand its partnership in Vietnam aligns with its goal of fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among various stakeholders. The company believes in working closely with academic institutions, government bodies, and local businesses to drive innovation and accelerate AI adoption in the region.

Through partnerships, Nvidia intends to strengthen the AI ecosystem in Vietnam by organizing training programs and events, providing resources and expertise, and facilitating research and development activities. These collaborative efforts will not only benefit local businesses but also contribute to the overall technological advancement of the country.

Nurturing Local Talent

Recognizing the importance of nurturing local talent, Nvidia aims to establish a presence in Vietnam that will attract and retain skilled professionals in the AI field. By providing opportunities for growth and career development, the company intends to build a strong foundation of trained and knowledgeable individuals.

In addition to attracting talent, Nvidia plans to invest in educational initiatives, such as scholarships and internships, to support the development of future AI experts in Vietnam. These initiatives will help bridge the skills gap and create a sustainable talent pipeline for the growing demands of the industry.

A Vision for the Future

Nvidia’s expansion plans in Vietnam reflect the company’s commitment to driving technological advancements and shaping the future of AI. With its focus on collaboration and talent development, Nvidia aims to create a thriving AI ecosystem in Vietnam that will contribute to the country’s economic growth and success in the global tech landscape.

As the partnership expands and the local talent pool flourishes, Vietnam can expect to witness increased innovation, research breakthroughs, and the adoption of AI technologies across various sectors. Nvidia’s investment in Vietnam signifies the company’s belief in the country’s potential to become a regional hub for AI and positions it as a valuable partner in Vietnam’s digital transformation journey.


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