Poloniex Language Controversy

Poloniex Community Member Questions Multilingual On-Chain Message

Amidst the recent hacking incident on the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Poloniex, questions have been raised about the necessity of sending an on-chain message in 15 different languages. This inquiry comes from a skeptical community member who questions the need for such a multilingual message if the identity of the hacker has indeed been confirmed.

The incident has stirred up controversy within the cryptocurrency community, with skeptics suggesting that the expansive language range used in the on-chain message could be a ploy to divert attention away from the true identity of the hacker. However, supporters of Poloniex argue that the multi-language approach is simply a measure to ensure effective communication with the platform’s diverse user base.

Maintaining Transparency and Trust

Poloniex has emphasized its commitment to transparency and trust throughout this challenging time. The decision to issue an on-chain message in multiple languages is seen by the exchange as an important step towards maintaining the confidence of its global user community.

By making the on-chain message accessible to users in their preferred languages, Poloniex aims to provide clear and comprehensible information that protects the interests of all involved parties. The exchange recognizes that participants from various linguistic backgrounds may have different levels of proficiency in English, the dominant language of the cryptocurrency space.

The intent behind using multiple languages is not to obfuscate the hacker’s identity, but rather to foster inclusivity and ensure that every user can access critical information concerning the incident. Poloniex believes that by doing so, it can demonstrate its dedication to providing equal opportunities and make its platform more accessible to a wider range of individuals and communities.

A Complex Investigation

The hacking incident at Poloniex is a complex case that demands a meticulous investigation. While the exchange has confirmed the identity of the hacker internally, it recognizes the importance of providing updates and communicating effectively with its large and diverse user base.

Addressing the community member’s concerns, Poloniex emphasized that the multilingual on-chain message does not undermine their confidence in the hacker’s identification. Instead, it is a prudential measure to ensure clarity and enhance communication with users who may have language barriers.

The exchange understands that questions will arise in any security breach incident. However, it remains steadfast in its commitment to transparency by adopting a proactive approach in addressing these concerns.


The use of a multilingual on-chain message by Poloniex following the recent hacking incident has sparked debate within the cryptocurrency community. While skeptics voice concerns regarding the intentions behind this approach, the exchange maintains that the multilingual message is intended to bolster transparency and inclusivity rather than divert attention from the hacker’s identity.

Poloniex holds firm in its commitment to keeping the community informed and engaged throughout the investigation. The use of multiple languages in the on-chain message is seen as a positive step towards addressing language barriers and ensuring that all users can access crucial information surrounding the incident. By doing so, the exchange aims to reinforce trust and strengthen its global user base.


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