Choosing the Best Private Proxies

Choosing the best private proxies is important if you want to maintain anonymity on the Internet. With so many different types of proxies on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be difficult. Here are a few factors that will help you decide which ones are the best.


YPP (Your Private Proxy) is a private proxy provider. It offers a range of plans, including basic packages, which include access to several locations, and more expensive packages that offer a number of proxies.

It has a simple interface. You can sign up for a free trial and try out the proxies for a couple of days. The trial proxy will show you all of the features of a private proxy package.

There are a number of great features at YPP. The basic package comes with 10 proxies. You can replace one proxy per month, and you can also choose to use up to five devices. You can choose from a variety of locations, including the United States, Canada, Netherlands, and Europe.

It also allows you to choose between HTTPS and SOCKS proxies. It also has a three-day refund policy, so you can try it out for yourself.

Your Private Proxy offers high-speed proxies. They have a large network of datacenters spread across the US, Canada, and Europe. Its proxies are high-performance, reliable, and highly anonymous. They also have IP authorization, username-password verification, and a number of other features. They also offer a number of plans, which are tailored to your needs.

YourPrivateProxy is also open to suggestions, so you can make sure that your needs are met. The company is also available for 24-hour support. It accepts PayPal as a payment method.

YPP is steadily improving its service. It also has positive user feedback. They also offer discounts, including a 30% referral discount. Their service is also green, as they use wind turbines for energy. They have a wide range of packages to choose from, and their pricing is reasonable.


Among the many private proxy providers, HighProxies has one of the best reputations in the industry. It provides a range of proxies, including data center and private elite proxies. They have servers in a variety of locations, including the US, Europe and Australia.

They provide HTTPS protocols to protect your privacy and identity. They offer a wide range of pricing options and plans.

They have an interactive support system, with a FAQs panel and a contact button. They also offer a VPN service. Their servers are located in many US and European cities. The dashboard is simple to use and allows you to choose a proxy server location.

HighProxies has a large number of proxies, with over 50000 in 50 servers in 7 different countries. Their servers are in good locations, and their speeds are high. The servers are also randomized, so you shouldn’t have to wait long to get your proxies.

HighProxies also has a variety of shared proxies, which are cheaper than their private options. These proxies are also compatible with many popular web browsers. They offer a variety of pricing plans, and include unlimited bandwidth.

They also offer a 7 day free trial. They also offer an affiliate program, so you can earn a small commission on each proxy that you sell. They also have a large IP pool.

HighProxies private proxies are also popular for scraping the web. They can be used in various ways, including SEO and social media automation. They have specialized proxies for different uses, and they are very reliable. They also refresh their private proxies monthly.

HighProxies has one of the largest distribution networks of data centers, making it one of the best proxy sellers. Their private elite proxies are great for scraping social networks.


Whether you’re trying to scrape data or protect your brand, Smartproxy is one of the best private proxy services on the market. Their fast and reliable service gives you access to an IP address anywhere in the world. Their pricing is among the best and their service represents fantastic value for the money.

Smartproxy has a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to manage your proxies. It includes a help center, quick start guide, and an endpoint generator. The dashboard also includes a Traffic usage bar and an Authentication method.

Smartproxy offers a 3-day money back guarantee. This guarantee does not apply to users who have used more than 20% of their plan’s traffic.

Smartproxy provides customers with access to a massive pool of 195+ server locations around the world. Its proxies come from a variety of sources, including residential, data center, and search engine proxies. They are compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices.

With Smartproxy’s API, you can manage your account without logging in. You can also choose from a variety of subscription plans. You can also pay by PayPal or by using Bitcoin.

Smartproxy’s pricing is based on traffic usage. If you have a lot of traffic, you may want to opt for a plan with a larger limit. You can also set a limit for a sub-user.

Smartproxy is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. It also has extensions for Firefox and Chrome. You can also manage your proxy through the website. The website includes a rich documentation, tutorials, and live chat support. It’s also subject to the 5 Eyes Alliance, which includes the US government.

Smartproxy offers a wide range of pricing plans. You can choose from one-month subscriptions, monthly subscriptions, or pay-as-you-go plans.


Among the various private proxy services on the market, SquidProxies is considered to be one of the best. It offers high-quality proxies that are guaranteed to perform well. They are available in a variety of sizes and are compatible with most web browsers and software.

SquidProxies offers two types of proxy packages. Shared proxies are inexpensive and easy to use. Their custom proxies are also quite affordable. A custom proxy can provide access to over 30 locations.

SquidProxies also has a free three-day trial. If you don’t like the service, you can request a refund. You can also upgrade to a paid plan if you prefer. You can also get a discount if you purchase a bulk proxy package.

One of the best features of SquidProxies is their support. They offer an excellent support team that can assist you in any matter. They also provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee. This is a rare find for a proxy service.

SquidProxies has servers in various locations, including the United States, Europe, and India. Their proxies support HTTP and HTTPS protocols. These proxies are also fast, reliable, and offer high-level online security.

You can purchase SquidProxies private proxies for as little as $24. If you’re looking for an affordable option, SquidProxies is definitely a good choice.

SquidProxies also offers an excellent money-back guarantee. You can request a refund after three days of use. You can also get a free trial if you’re unsure of whether or not the service is for you. This is a great way to test their service before committing to a monthly subscription.

Private proxies are a great way to protect your IP address from abuse. They also allow you to access content that is restricted in your location.


Luminati is one of the world’s largest agency services. It provides proxies to businesses, websites, and enterprises. It is targeted at large businesses. The company is focused on providing a high quality proxy service. Its client operators have access to the Luminati Dashboard, which allows them to manage multiple proxies. Luminati also accepts PayPal and credit cards.

Luminati private proxies come in many varieties, including residential, shared, and mobile IPs. They are used for a wide range of uses, such as web scraping, ad verification, comparative intelligence, and brand protection. They can also be used by crawler software and proxy bots. Luminati proxies support HTTPS (SSL over port 443).

Residential proxies are made up of real user devices that have been opted in to become peers. This means they can’t be blocked, which makes them ideal for testing. They are also suitable for social media accounts and ad verification.

Shared proxies are cheaper alternatives to residential proxies. They are available for $0.50/GB. You can also buy a private proxy add-on for unlimited bandwidth.

Luminati offers a 7 day free trial of their residential proxies. The cheapest plan includes 900 IPs. The minimum monthly commitment is $500.

Users have the option of using Luminati proxies in more than 190 countries. This service is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The Luminati Chrome extension allows you to choose a proxy, set the location, and set the max requests. It also automatically refreshes the IP every 60 seconds.

Luminati also offers a proxy manager, which allows you to manage multiple proxies and control IP rotation. It comes with an interface that allows you to set up zones and define proxy usage statistics.

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