Revolutionizing Music: Michael Jackson’s “Big Boy” Goes Global

Revolutionizing the Music Industry: Michael Jackson’s “Big Boy” Released as Digital Vinyl on Anotherblock Platform

56 years after Michael Jackson recorded a demo version of the song “Big Boy,” it is set to embark on a groundbreaking journey by being released globally on the blockchain as digital vinyl through the innovative blockchain music platform, Anotherblock.

Anotherblock is revolutionizing the way we consume and distribute music by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. This cutting-edge platform aims to empower artists and provide fans with a completely new and immersive music experience.

An Unreleased Gem: “Big Boy” Rediscovered

Hidden away for over half a century, “Big Boy” was initially recorded by the legendary Michael Jackson as a simple demo track. However, due to various circumstances, it never saw the light of day. Now, thanks to the blockchain-based platform Anotherblock, this previously undiscovered gem will have its moment in the global spotlight.

The release of “Big Boy” on the Anotherblock platform marks an exciting milestone in the music industry. By utilizing blockchain technology, Anotherblock ensures that every transaction and interaction related to the song is transparent, secure, and tamper-proof. This not only protects the rights of both the artist and the fans but also enhances the overall music experience.

Empowering Artists and Fans Alike

One of the key advantages of releasing music on a blockchain platform like Anotherblock is the direct and fair compensation it offers to artists. Unlike traditional music distribution models, where artists often receive a minimal share of the revenue, blockchain technology enables transparent royalty payments and eliminates intermediaries.

For fans, digital vinyl on Anotherblock represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of music history in its purest form. Each digital vinyl will be marked with a distinct token, showcasing its authenticity and scarcity. With limited-edition releases and the ability to trade or sell tokens, fans can engage with the music in a more tangible and personalized way.

A New Era for Music Consumption

Michael Jackson’s “Big Boy” serves as a trailblazer for the future of music distribution. With its release on Anotherblock, it demonstrates how blockchain technology can empower artists, enhance transparency, and redefine the concept of ownership within the music industry.

As the world continues to embrace the potential of blockchain, we can expect to see more artists and platforms taking advantage of this transformative technology. With its decentralized and secure nature, blockchain ensures that the power remains in the hands of the music creators and their dedicated fanbase.

So get ready to experience Michael Jackson’s “Big Boy” like never before. Visit Anotherblock’s platform and immerse yourself in the new era of music consumption.


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