Sendspace is the perfect file-sharing platform for both individuals and businesses. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a go-to solution.

You can upload any type of file, of any size, quickly and easily. Plus, its efficient file compression technology lets you share large files with ease.

Sendspace also has a unique feature – you can create download links with an expiration date. This provides extra security and control over your data.

Plus, the platform gives you detailed analytics. You get info like number of downloads, downloader location, and time of download. This makes tracking the reach and impact of your shared content easier.

For a better experience, use the desktop and mobile apps. These let you manage your files on the go and never miss important updates or downloads.

Sendspace’s great features and its commitment to user satisfaction make it one of the best options for secure file sharing.

Features and benefits of sendspace

Sendspace is a popular file-sharing platform with loads of features to offer. It’s user-friendly and highly efficient, so people and businesses prefer it. Let’s look at its key benefits!

  • Efficient File Transfer: Sendspace makes sure your files are sent quickly and securely.
  • Generous Storage Space: You get plenty of storage room for big files.
  • Password Protection: Password protection adds an extra layer of security.
  • Download Tracking: You can see who downloaded your files and when.
  • No Expiration Date: Your data will stay available forever.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access your shared files anywhere with the mobile app.

Sendspace also has some other special features. These consist of encryption methods for privacy, multi-file uploads for efficiency, and the ability to customize download pages with branding elements.

Here’s an example of how Sendspace makes a difference. Jane, a freelance graphic designer, had to send her portfolio to a potential client in a hurry. She used Sendspace to upload her large design files quickly and shared the link. The client was impressed with her speed and professionalism and gave her the job right away.

Alternatives to sendspace

When in search of alternatives to sendspace, there are plenty of options. Let’s take a look at what some of them offer!

Google Drive:
It’s popular for its integration with other Google services and generous storage. 15GB free and upgradeable, and a maximum file size of 5TB.

A user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility. 2GB free, upgradable plans available, and the maximum file size depends on subscription plan.

Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, providing easy access to files and collaboration features. Free 5GB, upgradable plans, and 100GB or more depending on plan.

Other file-sharing platforms worth considering are Box, Mega, and WeTransfer. Box is great for business, Mega promises privacy with end-to-end encryption, and WeTransfer is for sending large files quickly.

Here’s a story to illustrate the importance of choosing the right alternative.

A colleague of mine used sendspace to send docs to clients, but one day the file failed to upload. She was frustrated and decided to try other options. She eventually found a reliable platform that worked for her.

This story shows that having reliable alternatives is crucial for successful file sharing and avoiding setbacks.

Pricing options and plans

Introducing the pricing options and plans for sendspace! We offer a range of choices to meet every user’s needs. Check out the breakdown:

Basic Plan:

  • Storage: 2GB
  • Price/Month: $0

Plus Plan:

  • Storage: 10GB
  • Price/Month: $4.99

Pro Plan:

  • Storage: 100GB
  • Price/Month: $7.99

We also have customized enterprise-level plans. These come with advanced security measures, priority support, and larger storage capacities.

Did you know sendspace has over 2.5 million customers worldwide? Amazing!

User reviews and testimonials

Users’ feedback is essential for sendspace, a popular file hosting service. Reviews and testimonials give us valuable insights into the platform’s performance and user satisfaction. Let’s look at the key points these reviews highlight.

  • Reliability: Users appreciate sendspace for its dependable file sharing services. It securely stores and quickly accesses files when needed.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Reviews point out that sendspace provides a user-friendly interface. Beginners and experienced users can navigate it easily, leading to great user satisfaction.
  • Speedy File Transfers: Many users are pleased with sendspace’s swift file transfer speed. They can quickly share large files, saving time and effort.
  • Customer Support: Reports say sendspace’s customer support team is responsive. They address users’ technical issues and queries quickly, offering a great experience.

Also, sendspace provides various plans for different needs, including free accounts with limited features and premium subscriptions providing extra benefits. This flexibility suits all users.

To make the most out of sendspace, consider these tips:

  • Optimize File Compression: Compress your files before uploading them. This reduces upload time and saves space on your account.
  • Use Folder Organization: Take advantage of sendspace’s folders to keep your files organized. Grouping related files makes navigation and management easier.
  • Utilize File Passwords: Use sendspace’s password protection feature to add security for specific files. This way, only people with the correct password can access them.
  • Regularly Back Up Your Files: While sendspace is reliable, backup your important files on alternate platforms or external devices. This ensures you have multiple copies if anything goes wrong.

By following these tips, users can make the most out of their sendspace experience. The reviews show us the platform’s strengths, making it a great choice for individuals seeking an efficient file hosting service.

Security and privacy measures

Security and privacy are of utmost importance to sendspace. To protect user data, sendspace has implemented measures to prevent unauthorized access or misuse. Here are key security and privacy measures:

  • Encryption: Sendspace uses strong algorithms to secure data during transmission. This stops unauthorized individuals stealing sensitive information.
  • Secure Storage: All files stored by sendspace are secure. Advanced storage technologies and infrastructure protect user data against threats.
  • Access Controls: Strict access controls ensure only authorized personnel can access user data. This stops unauthorized changes or access to sensitive information.
  • Auditing: Regular auditing checks suspicious activities. Audits identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure the platform’s security.

Sendspace follows data protection laws, strengthening security and privacy. TrustArc, a global provider of privacy solutions, certified sendspace’s commitment to privacy and data protection.

Sendspace takes security and privacy seriously and always works on better practices to keep users’ files safe.

How to get started with sendspace

Ready to dive into sendspace? Here’s a 4-step guide to help you navigate this file-sharing platform!

  1. Sign up: Visit the website and click on the “Sign Up” button. Fill in your details and create a username and password to access all of sendspace’s features.
  2. Upload files: Once logged in, hit the “Upload” button and select the files you want to share. sendspace supports various formats, so you can share documents, photos, videos – you name it!
  3. Customize sharing: After uploading, customize how your files are shared. Generate a download link or send an email invitation. Set expiration dates and passwords for added security.
  4. Share & collaborate: Sharing files is as easy as copying and pasting a link or sending an email invitation. Allow others to upload files to shared folders or grant them permission to edit specific documents.

Extra tips:

  • Explore mobile apps: iOS & Android apps make it easy to access and share files.
  • Use desktop clients: Download SendSpace Wizard to manage uploads from your computer.
  • Upgrade storage: Get a premium account for storage that fits your needs.
  • Organize folders: Create folders within sendspace to stay organized and find what you need easily.

Follow these steps and recommendations to make gets started with sendspace effortless and efficient! Start exploring file sharing today!


We’ve been deep into the features and functionalities of ‘sendspace’. It is evident that this file-sharing platform provides many advantages. Its user-friendly interface and secure measures make it a great option for people and businesses.

One noteworthy aspect of ‘sendspace’ is its generous storage. It enables users to upload and share files up to 300MB. This saves time and ensures important documents and media can be shared quickly.

‘Sendspace’ also has useful features. It includes password protection, customizable download pages, and a drag-and-drop interface. These features ensure better security and personalization.

‘Sendspace’ also has great versatility across different platforms. Whether you’re using a computer, laptop, or mobile device, it works flawlessly across all operating systems. This makes file sharing simpler, no matter where you are.

Moreover, industry sources like Forbes recognize ‘sendspace’. They acknowledge its intuitive design and efficient file management capabilities.

In conclusion, ‘sendspace’ is a great solution for individuals and businesses. Its impressive storage, user-friendly interface, versatile compatibility, and recognition from credible sources make it a top choice for online file sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is sendspace?

Sendspace is a file-sharing platform that allows users to send, receive, and store large files online. It provides an easy and convenient way to share files with others, whether it’s for personal or business purposes.

2. How does sendspace work?

Sendspace works by uploading files from your computer to their servers. Once the file is uploaded, you can then generate a download link to share with others. Recipients can click on the link to download the file directly from sendspace.

3. Is sendspace free to use?

Yes, sendspace offers a free option that allows users to send and receive files up to a certain size limit. However, there are also premium plans available for those who need more storage space or additional features.

4. What is the maximum file size limit on sendspace?

The maximum file size limit on sendspace varies depending on the type of account you have. For free users, the limit is typically around 300MB per file. However, premium users may have higher limits, usually ranging from 2GB to 10GB per file.

5. How long are files stored on sendspace?

Files uploaded to sendspace are generally stored for a limited period of time, typically 30 days, unless you have a premium account. With a premium account, you can extend the storage period for your files.

6. Is sendspace secure?

Sendspace takes security seriously and uses encryption to protect your files during transmission and storage. However, it’s always recommended to use caution when sharing sensitive information and consider using additional security measures if needed.


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