Shifting Focus for Improved Gaming Experience

Blockchain technology has been facing pushback from players and gaming developers, leading some studios to steer clear of the “buzzwords” associated with Web3. This is because the hype around blockchain technology has often not lived up to its potential in the gaming industry.

Negative Perception of Blockchain

Despite the initial enthusiasm surrounding blockchain’s potential impact on gaming, there has been a growing negative perception associated with the technology. Many gamers have been disappointed by blockchain games that do not deliver the promised benefits or fail to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

One of the main criticisms of blockchain gaming is the perceived lack of scalability and high transaction fees. These issues have made it challenging for blockchain games to attract a large user base and compete with traditional gaming platforms.

In addition to scalability concerns, there have also been instances of fraud and scams within the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Players have become wary of investing time and money into games that may not provide a fair and secure environment.

Studios Avoiding “Buzzwords”

In response to these challenges, some gaming studios are opting to distance themselves from the blockchain “buzzwords.” They believe that focusing on the core elements of gameplay and user experience is more important than incorporating blockchain technology for the sake of it.

By avoiding the association with blockchain, these studios aim to rebuild trust with their player base and deliver games that meet expectations without relying on the hype surrounding the technology.

A Focus on Practicality

Instead of solely relying on blockchain, game developers are exploring alternative solutions to address the pain points in the gaming industry. This includes exploring off-chain scaling solutions, such as state channels and sidechains, which can help improve scalability and reduce transaction fees.

Furthermore, game developers are focusing on improving the overall user experience and implementing innovative game mechanics that align with the preferences of their target audience. This includes incorporating elements such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) features in a way that enhances gameplay rather than detracting from it.


While blockchain technology continues to be a topic of discussion within the gaming industry, there is an increasing recognition that the technology alone is not a guarantee of success. Studios are taking a pragmatic approach, prioritizing gameplay, scalability, and user experience over the buzz surrounding blockchain.

By avoiding the use of “buzzwords” associated with Web3, developers hope to regain player trust and deliver games that are enjoyable, secure, and innovative. The focus is shifting from blockchain for the sake of it to practical solutions that enhance the gaming experience for players.


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