Is Surge Proxies Right For You?


Whether you are looking for residential or datacenter proxies, there are several different options available to you, including Surge proxies. But which one is the best? In this article we will look at some of the main considerations you will want to keep in mind before buying a proxy.

ISP proxies

Whether you are trying to create bulk Gmail accounts, manage your social media accounts or simply keep your personal data safe, ISP proxies with Surge Proxies can help you get the job done. However, you should be aware of the pros and cons of these proxy services.

There are two types of ISP proxies available: residential and data center proxies. Both are supported by Internet Service Provider networks. Residential proxies are ISP provided addresses, while data center proxies are hosted on data center servers. Both have different pricing options.

Residential proxies come in five different packages. They are offered with a 60 day validity period, and come with a custom geo-targeting list. They also have a user/pass authentication mechanism. They cost about $17 for 2GB of proxies for 60 days.

ISP proxies are the most expensive type of proxies available. They are hosted on data center servers, and come with end-to-end encryption and web filtering. The IP announcement made by the Internet Service Provider is like a welcome message to the rest of the internet. They come with the ability to audit, analyze, and bypass blacklisting.

While the ISP proxies are fast, it is not recommended to use them in places that require a lot of activity. The best solution is to use an alternative proxy provider.

The proxy plans offered by Surge Proxies are sourced from trustworthy ISPs. They offer a straightforward interface and are compatible with Mac and Windows devices. You can also get instant delivery of your proxy plans. They also provide a free proxy tester tool. However, they do not offer live chat or IP whitelisting.

In conclusion, Surge Proxies has a large customer base and offers a range of features. However, they charge three times more than other proxy providers. They do not offer refunds for failed proxies. They also have a limited variety of features.

Besides, the Surge Proxies website is shady. They do not provide a sign-up button, and they do not disclose the locations of their residential proxies. It is also not clear whether they provide a free trial.

Residential proxies

Unlike ISP proxies, residential proxies are IP addresses that are registered to a particular user. They come from reliable internet service providers (ISPs). These addresses can be difficult to detect. This makes them ideal for web scraping and sneaker copping.

Residential proxies also come with a number of advantages. They offer good connectivity, unlimited bandwidth and speed, and can be detected only if they use user/password authentication. They are also easy to scale. They can be used in conjunction with backconnect servers and browser extensions.

Surge Proxies offers a variety of proxies. They have residential proxies, ISP proxies, and datacenter proxies. They also have a good selection of plans to choose from. They offer weekly and monthly plans, with some plans offering unlimited bandwidth. The packages are all sourced from reputable ISPs, and they are easily navigable.

Surge Proxies also offers a variety of other services. They have a proxy testing tool and a safe payment system. They also offer discounts for buying in bulk. However, they don’t offer a free trial or refunds. They don’t have a ticketing system or live chat. They don’t list all the locations where their proxies are available.

Surge Proxies is one of the few proxy service providers that provide residential proxies. They have a large pool of over 20 million IPs, and they offer custom locations. However, they don’t have the typical registration form, and they don’t have a list of residential locations. They also don’t offer IP whitelisting, and they do not recommend using them for severe sneakerheads.

Surge Proxies also offers an impressive selection of ISP proxies. Their datacenter proxies are not connected to an internet service provider, and they are not as reliable as their residential counterparts. They offer a variety of plans, including a datacenter proxy that offers unlimited bandwidth and speeds. They also have datacenter proxies that are located in Ashburn, VA.

The Surge Proxies website is also a bit shady. They don’t offer a free trial, and they don’t offer refunds for failed proxies. They don’t have a ticketing systems for support, and they don’t offer IP whitelisting.

Datacenter proxies

Whether you are a sneaker head or just someone looking to scrape public data, you might be considering using datacenter proxies. They are an affordable way to hide your real IP address, and they can provide anonymity. However, it is important to know which providers offer proxies in the region you want to scrape.

Surge Proxies is a company that offers ISP datacenter proxies. They are supported by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, and come with unlimited bandwidth. They also provide a proxy tester tool, which is available for Mac and Windows users.

Surge Proxies offers two different plans – weekly and monthly – for their ISP proxies. The weekly plan is $32/25 proxies, while the monthly plan is $85/60 proxies. The monthly plan has a speed of over 10GBPS, and comes with IPv4 subnet blocks and ISP networks support. The weekly plan also has IPv4 subnet blocks.

While Surge Proxies is an ISP proxy provider, they also offer residential proxies. Residential proxies are real IPs that come from real ISPs, and they are also much harder to blacklist. This makes them more effective at sneaker copping. They also come with a 60 day validity, and you can choose your own geo-targeting list.

Surge Proxies is based in Ashburn, VA. They have a large proxy pool of over 20 million IPs. While the website is not very informative, the design of the site is simple and intuitive. The company also offers professional customer service, and uses safe payment methods. They also have a Discord account, so you can get in touch with them directly. However, the company’s pricing is too expensive, and there are some other proxy service providers that are more cost-effective.

In comparison to Surge Proxies, a cheaper alternative is Proxyland. They offer proxies for as little as $2,9 per GB. They also offer weekly and monthly plans, starting at $17/two GB.

If you are looking for an affordable proxy provider, Proxyland is your best option. They also offer a proxy tester tool, which allows you to test their proxies before you buy them.


Among the many small proxy providers in the sneaker copping industry, Surge Proxies stands out. The company claims to have a proxy pool with 20 million residential IPs, which helps reduce the chance of detection. Nevertheless, the company’s website is missing important information, and its features are lacking. If you want a proxy provider, Surge Proxies may not be the best option. There are other reputable companies that offer better features for much cheaper prices.

Surge Proxies is a legitimate proxy service provider, but their website is lacking in information. They only offer a limited number of features, and they lack a reliable ticketing system. In addition, their prices are not affordable. They also don’t offer any money back guarantee or special discounts.

Surge Proxies provides residential proxies, which are addresses of real people. These proxies are more reliable than data center proxies, which can get banned. These proxies are sourced from reliable ISPs, and come with a 60-day validity period. The company also offers custom locations, but these costs more.

Residential proxies also come with a custom geo-targeting list, but the duration of the session isn’t specified. These proxies also come with a sticky session feature, which allows you to set a specific IP address for each session. However, these features do not affect your copping success rate.

Despite their lack of features, Surge Proxies provides a reliable customer service team. You can contact them through their Discord account. They also offer a proxy testing tool, but you have to sign in to use it. You can also choose from two different monthly plans, which are available in both residential and ISP datacenter proxies. You can also get an indirect discount if you buy bulk proxies.

Surge Proxies has a large customer base. However, their prices are higher than competitors. In addition, they do not offer refunds for failed proxies. And, they have a complicated sign-up process. So, if you want to try out Surge Proxies, you have to sign up for a Discord account first. And, you will have to pay for your proxies based on the bandwidth you use.

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