Tether Freezes Criminal Wallets, VanEck CEO Optimistic

Tether Collaborates with U.S. Law Enforcement and Freezes 326 Criminal Wallets

In a move that strengthens its commitment to combating illicit activities in the cryptocurrency space, Tether, a popular stablecoin issuer, has announced closer collaboration with U.S. law enforcement agencies. Tether has already taken action to freeze 326 wallets associated with criminal activities.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the risk of misuse by criminals has become a major concern for regulators and authorities around the world. Tether’s proactive approach in partnering with law enforcement reflects its dedication to maintaining the integrity of its stablecoin and the broader crypto industry.

The freezing of these 326 wallets marks a significant milestone in Tether’s ongoing efforts to address illicit use cases. By working closely with law enforcement agencies, Tether aims to identify and eliminate any criminal elements from the digital asset ecosystem.

VanEck CEO Optimistic About Bitcoin’s Future

In other news, prominent investment management firm VanEck’s CEO, Gabor Gurbacs, has expressed his bullish case for the future of Bitcoin. Despite recent market volatility, Gurbacs remains optimistic about the long-term potential of the leading cryptocurrency.

Gurbacs believes that Bitcoin’s scarcity, combined with its utility as a decentralized digital currency, will drive its value higher over time. He also points to the growing interest from institutional investors, who view Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and a potential store of value.

According to Gurbacs, Bitcoin’s finite supply and its ability to facilitate frictionless cross-border transactions make it a valuable asset with the potential to reshape the global financial system. He emphasizes that regulatory clarity and adoption by traditional financial institutions are key factors that will contribute to Bitcoin’s mainstream acceptance.

Despite ongoing debates and concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies, Gurbacs’ optimistic outlook reflects the growing confidence in Bitcoin’s role as a viable investment option in the digital age.


Tether’s collaboration with law enforcement agencies signifies a significant step in strengthening the industry’s fight against illicit activities. By freezing the wallets of criminals, Tether sets an example that highlights the commitment of responsible actors within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Meanwhile, VanEck’s CEO expressing optimism about Bitcoin’s future reinforces the belief in its potential to revolutionize the global financial landscape. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction, partnerships between industry players and regulatory bodies are crucial for a secure, transparent, and sustainable digital economy.

The combined efforts of market participants, law enforcement agencies, and regulators will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies and ensuring their widespread adoption.


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