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twitch proxy

Having a twitch proxy is a great way to get your games played on a variety of platforms, including PC, Mac, and Linux. There are a few different types of proxies, including GeoSurf, Soax, and Luminati. All of these proxies can be used to help you play your favorite games. However, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, you need to know the differences in order to find the best proxies for you.


Luminati is a proxy service that offers access to millions of IP addresses around the world. The company offers a variety of proxy types to meet a range of needs. They include data center proxies, residential proxies, and mobile residential proxies.

The company also offers a variety of payment methods. Customers can choose from a monthly subscription, yearly subscription, or pay as you go. The yearly subscription is recommended for businesses with a large number of employees. The company’s monthly subscriptions come with a minimum commitment of $500 per month.

Luminati offers three different types of residential proxies. They include mobile residential proxies, mobile residential proxy bundles, and rotating residential proxies. These proxies are non-physical IP addresses that are generated by data centers. They are not ideal for anti-spam issues.

Luminati also offers residential proxies that are real IPs. These proxies are not detected by spam filters. They are also the most reliable and are not susceptible to blacklisting. The company also offers rotating residential proxies, which provide an additional layer of anonymity.

The company has a large number of customers, including big brands, ad agencies, security firms, and prominent e-commerce firms. Luminati also offers a range of tools to help its customers unblock websites. These tools include the “Data Collector” tool, which provides quality structured data and helps to save time for its customers. The software also manages cookie and fingerprint management for its customers.

Luminati is one of the largest proxy companies in the world. Their customers include major e-commerce firms, ad agencies, security firms, government offices, and more.

The company’s headquarters are in Haifa, Israel. They serve around three billion requests per day. Luminati promises a high uptime and reliable service. The company has a strict KYC procedure. They are also compatible with most operating systems.


Using a Soax twitch proxy can allow you to bypass restricted websites and play games without being rerouted to unfriendly servers. There are several types of Soax proxies and a variety of payment options available.

The Soax dashboard is easy to use and contains all the information you need to get started. It also has a calculator which will help you determine the best package for you.

Soax also has a free trial available. If you want to try out their proxies before you commit to a monthly or annual subscription, you can use the free trial to get a taste of what they have to offer.

The Soax dashboard also has some wallet functionality which will help you to avoid charging multiple accounts or getting stuck paying for bandwidth you don’t need. The wallet is also handy if you want to top up your traffic without making a new monthly or annual payment.

The Soax proxy also uses the latest in encryption and security technologies to ensure you have a secure connection. The company uses a Know Your Customer (KYC) system to monitor user identity and activity.

The Soax website also features an interactive map to help you choose a good proxy provider. You can choose from mobile and residential ipv4 proxies, and you can even target specific ISPs, regions, and cities.

Using a Soax twitch proxies is a good way to get around region restrictions. The company also has a good refund policy. You can get a refund within three days of purchase.

There are a variety of payment options available including PayPal, WebMoney, and credit card. The Soax proxy is a good option for social media automation, web scraping, and account management.


Using a Shifter proxy is a great way to access Twitch. This is an online game streaming website where gamers can chat with other users and watch live streams of popular gamers. But there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a proxy.

The best proxy providers should have a wide variety of options. Some of them offer shared proxies, while others offer dedicated proxies. Some of them also offer unlimited bandwidth. Choosing a proxy provider that offers multiple plans will help you make the most of your budget.

Hight Proxies offers a range of proxies, from shared proxies to anonymous proxies. Their data center is fast and reliable. They also have an impressive location coverage, with more than five million IPs in their database.

High Proxies is an online proxy provider with dedicated IP addresses, shared proxies, and HTTP/HTTPS proxies. They also offer a wide variety of pricing plans. They promise unlimited bandwidth, blazing fast proxies, and an advanced control panel.

Another good proxy provider is Soax. They offer a wide range of proxies for Twitch, including residential proxies. They also offer a flexible payment plan, with prices starting at $20 per day. They also have a great location coverage, and offer an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies.

Luminati is one of the better proxy providers out there, but it comes at a price. It has one of the largest networks of proxies in the world. It also has an impressive session control system. Its database contains more than five million IP addresses, making it one of the best in the business.

My Private Proxy is another great option. This proxy service has a ticketing system, 24/7 customer support, and claims to have the best speed in the business. It also has a free two-day trial.


Founded in 2009 under the Israeli company BiScience, GeoSurf provides web scraping tools, proxies, VPNs, and a lot more. They’re one of the oldest proxy providers in the market. But their prices aren’t cheap.

Unlike the other major proxy providers, GeoSurf is a subscription-based service. The price of their residential plans ranges from $450 to $900 per month. But they offer discounts if you buy a higher data plan. You can also get a free trial.

GeoSurf’s residential proxies are known for their quality. They don’t have blacklists or traffic limits. They also rotate every request. Compared to the other major proxy providers, GeoSurf’s IP pool is relatively smaller. They control over 3.5 million IPs every month.

In addition to their residential proxies, GeoSurf also offers data center proxies. These proxies are ideal for web crawling and data harvesting. They are fast and secure. They also offer data collection, ad verification, and social media management.

If you are looking for a proxy service that is easy to use and secure, GeoSurf is a good choice. They offer flexible management options and a well-designed dashboard. Their proxy is also compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Their support is available 24/7.

They also offer an API for collecting data from various websites. You can also target users by country, city, and state. The GeoSurf toolbar comes with 38GB of traffic. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. They also provide media intelligence and media activities.

GeoSurf also has a dedicated support team. They can be reached by phone, email, and Skype. They also have a ticket-based customer support system. They also have a website, but it is outdated. It hasn’t been updated since 2020.

High Proxies

Using proxies on Twitch can be a good idea if you live in a country that blocks the service or if you are using Twitch at school or work. You will also want to check with your employer to see if they have blocked the service.

There are a variety of proxies that can be used on Twitch. Some of them are free and others cost money. The best option is to select a proxy service that will allow you to select multiple proxies. These proxies will mask your real IP address and make requests appear to come from a different location.

A good proxy service should provide a variety of different proxies, as well as provide a decent number of different servers in different locations. Some proxy services also allow you to change your IP, which means you can switch proxies at will.

Another option is to purchase a yearly plan. This will lower the cost of your proxy service and allow you to get more proxies.

A good proxy service should also allow you to test their proxies. Some of them offer free tests for a few days. You can also extend this trial if you choose to. You can also look for discount links to lower the cost of your proxy services.

Another option is to use a VPN. This service allows you to register, and then connect to a secure network. You can then choose from several different options, including a residential IP (Wi-Fi plus 4G), as well as a private proxy plan.

These are all great options for Twitch users. You should take advantage of these options to ensure you get the best Twitch experience.

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